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Patient for the Promise

Going off the 🏕grid is really in right now, right? A lot of people are buying🌳 land, getting a tiny home and moving towards the simple, slow life. It’s exciting and exhilarating and dreams are coming true everyday for people who hope to be self sustained. 
Going in faith on a 🗣🙏🏼word of God is kind of the same feeling. He gives us a vision, a word or a dream that is irresistible. It’s exciting and exhilarating as we think about what He has for us and what it will look like. Our dreams come true as we see His word unfold right in front of us.
What we don’t realize when we get started is the 😳opposition that inevitably pops up along the way. For example, when people dream about living the simple life in the country they see 🌤sunrises and sunsets with ☕️coffee on the front porch in a white rocking chair. They see quiet, peaceful evenings spent with the family in the yard. They see baby 🐐goats and 🐱kittens frolicking in the barn. That IS a reality of a dream come true, but what the…
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Finding Joy in the Hard Times

There's nothing like a little 😁joy to change the way you feel about things! 😄Joy from God brings 💡light to a dark place. Anxiety, depression and oppression make for a dark mix of discouragement and pessimism. When we take a moment to 🙏🏼🗣talk to God, He shows us those places in our lives where we can be🙌🏼 thankful and have 😆joy. Joy brings hope and 👏🏻encouragement! Joy leads to 🙋🏻‍♀️faith and trust that God is eternally good. Even if your situation isn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️changing, God is changing ➡️you⬅️ through your trials. He is making you 💪🏻stronger and better fit to face what’s coming (good or bad!).
Our original 🐐🐐mini goats took a long time to reproduce, and we 🙏prayed for a  time for them to be fruitful. God answered our 🙏🏼prayers and ✖️multiplied our herd. We went from two mini goats to seven mini goats in less than two years! While we were waiting for God to 🤷🏻‍♀️answer our prayers, our goats were getting 💪🏻strong and healthy. Our original mama goat gave birth …

God Answers Our Prayers | Be Still and Know

My 👩🏻mom was 🤱🏻adopted and while she 🤦🏻‍♀️struggled with the rejection of her birth parents giving her up, she was also 🙏🏼grateful to be CHOSEN by a ❤️loving, stable mom. To the mom who chose her, she wasn’t an accident, she wasn’t a mistake and she wasn’t a burden. No. She was chosen. She was desired. She was wanted. She was cherished. 
God 🙌🏼chose us! He CHOSE to ✝️send His son to save us so that we could be adopted into His family. That’s who we are to God. We are chosen, wanted, desired and cherished. 
In my 🙏prayer time, I often beg and 🤮cry out. This makes me feel ☹️lonely, unwanted and slightly rejected. It's the times that I am 🤫quiet, still and patient that I hear 🙌🏼God the most clearly. Those are the times when He has the most room to comfort me the way I should be comforted. It's those times that I come away from our conversations feeling built up and restored. 
As I make some 🤔decisions about my future, it's so comforting to know that through 🙏pra…

God’s Greatest Joy | What Makes God Happy?

🐰Easter usually brings thoughts of 🐰bunnies, 🐣eggs and tons of 🍭candy. There’s nothing like watching 👶🏻kids’ excitement as they find little 💵treasures out in the yard and explain with 😁delight what they found. For me, part of the joy of Easter is watching their faces 💡light up. But mostly, I enjoy Easter because I love to celebrate my freedom through Jesus.
Jesus took on a huge ⛓burden so that we could be set ✝️free. Luke 12:50 says, “I have a terrible baptism of suffering ahead of me, and I am under a heavy burden until it is accomplished.” Sin had left a stain that no amount of sacrifices could 💦clean. To wash the stain away, Jesus took on our sin and it ☠️died with him on the cross. When he rose from the dead, we were made 🌈new through him. 
“Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame.” The pain he experienced was worth what God was doing through him. He knew joy awaited the next chapter of his journey.
What was the 😁joy awaiting him? Oth…

God Has a Good Plan for You | God Opens Doors

Whether you're at the ⛰highest point in your life or the ⚓️lowest valley, God has already 🔨worked out something for your 🌺good.
There's no need to 🤨worry about what comes next as long as you 🙏pray about your future and 🙋🏻‍♀️seek God in your decisions. Have 🌈hope as you figure out His intricate plan for your life. 
“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans8:28
Part of His intricate plan is new opportunities!
If you’re at the end of your 🎣rope, you're in a 👍good spot! When you've reached the end of 🤦🏻‍♀️yourself, the only (and best) option left is God. 
Whether you've run out of 💡ideas, 💵money, 🤭options or ⏰time, God already had something 🤲prepared for you.
Last year, I was working part ⏱time as a junior college 📐math teacher. We had reached a point where we were out of 💵money and 💡ideas but my school was 🚫not hiring full time teachers. When I aske…

Finding Rest in a Busy Day

My favorite way to get rest is to curl up in my 🛋recliner with a ☕️homemade caramel macchiato , my 🐶 yorkie and a good devotional or the 📖Bible. To me, hot ☕️coffee means I have to sit down and take about 20-30 minutes to enjoy. It’s a forced rest time for me that I desperately need every single day. Part of my unwinding includes reading God’s word. His word lights my path and gives me the wisdom and hope I need.  • Mark 6:31-32 says, “Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and 🛏rest awhile.” He said this because there were so many 😝people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t even have time to 🥖eat. So they left by 🛶boat for a quiet place, where they could be alone.” • Following Jesus’ example and resting in a 🤫quiet place just makes sense. How do you prefer to find rest? … At 💒church, my hubby called a time for 😴restoration through 🙏🏼prayer. Taking the time to shut down the 🧠thoughts and outside 🌎world was so very 💦refreshing.  • We all see…

Experiencing God In Everything

Aren’t we so blessed to live surrounded by God’s 🌼artwork🌼? One of my favorite things to do is go 🌸outside🌸 and enjoy 🌳nature🌿 as God made it.  • We love living in the 🌻country🌻 and looking out over His beautiful 🌵handiwork🌵 every day. You can feel it on your 😀skin, smell it with your 🌼nose and 👀see it with your eyes.  • He is incredible in all His splendor. For example, do you know how your 😀senses can 💥spark💥 memories? The 👃smell of cinnamon reminds me of Christmas, the 🎵song, "Lucky" reminds me of my wedding day, and the feel of 👖sweat pants reminds me of high school track.  · God's 🌻goodness🌻 is more powerful than all our senses combined. · A bad thought or memory can be wiped 💦clean💦 with his truth. An already good memory can be made 🍎sweeter🍓 with his perspective.  · Within the last year, God has changed the way I feel about going to the 👁eye doctor. I used to dread going because I felt like such a 😟failure. After one of my appointments, God showed…