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Distractions | Pursuing God

There are plenty distractions to interrupt my day. If it’s not an actual person, it might be an email, an errant thought, a butterfly or exhaustion that distract me from what I’m supposed to be doing. When everyone is calling my name, texting me, emailing me are asking for help, it’s very hard to stay on track. 
For example, when I try to clean my house, I work with such purpose on one thing and then…SQUIRREL! I see something else that needs to be worked on. Then, when I’m doing that I see a different thing that needs to be cleaned…and suddenly, I’m working on 3 or more things with divided effort. If I could just work with purpose on one thing and then move on to the next item, I could get a lot done and do it well. 
This is a worldly representation of my relationship with God and His purpose for me. It might range from being distracted during prayer to knowing my purpose, starting well and getting distracted in the process. Just yesterday, my husband and I were praying about something …

A Collision Course With Destiny | Where is God Taking You?

Anyone who has been to school, teaches school, going to school, or taking a kid to school can understand the adjustment it takes to start a new year. You certainly have to “get back into shape” for getting up early, going all day and catching up on chores/homework at night. We go from the super relaxed summer schedule straight into a very rigid schedule with little flexibility. Personally, it threw me off kilter a little bit and I was very thankful for the long weekend to make up for a tiring week.
By the end of the week, I found myself getting agitated and frustrated in areas that I really shouldn’t have been. I was starting to get caught up in the politics around me when it was really not my problem. When Sunday rolled around and I listened to my husband preach, I realized I needed an attitude adjustment - a refocusing of my gaze. I got so bogged down with these nit picky things that don’t really matter and forgot the real reason I was there. My mission as a teacher is to help, encou…

A Choice Presented in a Moment | The Path That Leads to God

As a full-time employee at a school, I received a laptop. I want to respect school property and protect the laptop from unnecessary damage so I ordered a sleeve for it to sleep in while I carry it to and fro in my teacher tote. Jarrod has Amazon Prime so I ordered it on his account for it to be delivered the Saturday before school starts. Saturday, I went to the mailbox and it wasn’t there. Jarrod says, “ohh yeah! I forgot…my credit card expired and you have to reorder it.” I was so disappointed! I thought I timed the delivery perfectly and I couldn’t wait to check out my new purple laptop sleeve!
At this point, I was presented with two options in my mind and emotions: 1.Get mad and blame a bunch of people for my misfortune, or 2.Not be so dramatic because now it arrives on Monday and that’s not very far away (first world probs).
I chose the first option. The thing is, in my mind, I knew there were two options! Both were waiting at an equal level to be chosen and I chose to get mad. …

God is in Control | Dreams Really Do Come True

How does a girl with a B.S. in Mathematics get a full-time job at a junior college? For someone like me - someone that dreamed of becoming a teacher her whole life, taught high school and didn’t really like it - this is a dream come true. I get to teach a subject I love to students I adore in an environment that suits my personality. I’ll tell you how I moved into a full-time position: it was all God. Sure, I used the tools He gave me, but He provided the timing, circumstances and open positions to make my dream possible. 
As an adjunct math instructor for developmental classes (that’s a part-time position), I began mixing my skills, experience and training with my passion and what I found was pure joy everyday. My co-workers started asking me if I’d considered a master’s degree and working full time since I enjoyed my job so much. To be honest, these things hadn’t really even crossed my mind; I was so busy enjoying every day in each moment that I wasn’t looking to change an already go…

The Best Part of Conflict and How God Solves Your Problems

Do you know what I like best about conflict? I like the moment conflict gets resolved. I love that feeling of relief. I love the sense of pressure being released that comes after a problem is solved. The only hard part is the path leading up to resolution. The difficulty lies in the fog that surrounds disagreement, false information or confusion. We found a way to clear the fog and I’m going to share that with you, today!
I’ve had several year long conflicts and a few moment long conflicts, but each one has the same result: a compromise or agreement that leads to resolution. I’ve had conflicts with other people, conflicts with myself and conflicts with something evil working against me. Each one requires a laying down of something on my part, but the end result is worth the compromise. Now I can almost hear what you are thinking… In most of these instances we have learned, or have been taught NOT to compromise. To put your mind at ease, I’m talking about agreement with Jesus rather tha…


I wrote in an earlier post about our dog, Troop . He went to live with Jesus and we were devastated by the loss. He was my little buddy and we did everything together. Because of that, I’m still getting over missing him. Every day gets easier, but I can’t help but notice his absence when just a month ago he was so present. We have an 8 by 8 chain link fence in the shade with a dog house that we used for him when we went to work (otherwise, he was running around or in the house). Our good friend has Troop’s brother and would like for him to breed a female so we can have another puppy. She innocently asked if she could borrow our cage so that she could have a place for the dogs to do their thing. Jarrod and I were discussing this and I quickly responded with a harsh “NO.” If she had been standing there, she would have walked away with a nub. I had lots of excuses to justify my “no,” but my reaction was a sign of where my heart was. 
My sweet husband noticed something was obviously off, s…

Living and Learning

For my birthday, I got a new iPad…so awesome! My mother-in-love bought me a keyboard to go with it, but for some reason it shipped from Tonga. Yeah, I had to google that, but I am geographically challenged so I google everything. We waited patiently and with perfect timing, it “arrived” on my actual birthday…except it didn’t. No big deal; I can wait…I’m a big girl after all. But alas, it never showed up. I text messaged my mother-in-love and she emailed the company to check on it. The company sent another keyboard free of charge, and we waited patiently again. However, this time she sent me the tracking number and I tracked that baby every step of the way. I also kept checking her mail box and PO box just to make sure the other one never showed up. Two weeks after the second one shipped, it arrived at a post office I wasn’t checking (she uses two post offices…long story - I’ll spare you). I called the post office ahead of time (having learned my lesson the first time) and checked to s…