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3 Keys to Prioritizing Your Relationship with Your Spouse

Maybe you've been married 3 years, 10 years, 30 years, or are just hoping to be married someday. Either way, every relationship gets to a point where life gets in the way and time with your spouse takes the back seat. I can't express the importance of not letting that happen. Today, I'm sharing with you some ways to prioritize your relationship despite the busy-ness of life.

Why is prioritizing your relationship important? Why can't it just rest on the back burner? The largest reason why I think it shouldn't sit on the back burner is because your marriage mirrors God's relationship to the church. His bride (the church) is His greatest love. He doesn't forget it, push it aside or leave it for another day. God makes His bride a priority. He spends time with His bride, He talks to His bride, and He protects His bride at all cost.God's desire is for our marriages to be treated with the same tender care. He wants your spouse to be a priority. He wants us to …
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How to Get Through the Bible in ONE YEAR | Daily Reading Plan

If you've ever tried to read straight through the Bible before, you know how difficult it is. I know every time I've tried that I'm super excited through Genesis, still pretty good through Exodus and then is S-L-O-W-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S waaayyyy down after that and I usually just give up. My goal for 2017 was to read through the Bible. A friend of mine mentioned a One Year Chronological Bible and I felt like this was the most realistic way to make it to the end.  I checked it out on amazon and found a used Bible for $5 (this what I here). I also saw that it had a designated reading for each day of the year AND it put the Bible story in a chronological timeline (here are some here). I have a very logical mind (blame it on my math degree), so laying out the Bible in the order that it took place just made sense to me. I couldn't wait to start my journey into the greatest story of all time.

I have to say that it felt like molasses through certain…

Inner Peace | How to Find Peace

I bet if I asked you how you find peace that we would all have different answers. Some might say exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, house chores (I wish I found peace this way!), being outdoors, etc. I would agree with you that there are some things in life that just calm us down or give us peace for a moment, but I'd also add that there is only one thing that brings lasting peace. This one thing brings peace that doesn't have to be reactivated by more miles, yoga poses, minutes meditating, or cleaning cabinets. This type of peace can be tapped into at any moment without having to get up and do anything. So maybe you like doing your activities...this peace can still be found while doing other stuff.

At this point, you probably know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about God, relating to Him through Jesus and receiving peace through the Holy Spirit (they make a good team). Peace is an automatic by-product of spending time in His presence. When you establish a relat…

Finding Yourself | Revealing Your True Identity in Christ

Have you ever looked back at old pictures, watched old videos or read old Facebook posts and noticed yourself cringing a little bit? Come on, I know you have at least once. At the time, what you're doing feels so right and then looking back, with wisdom, you can see how misguided your decisions were.

I know this is certainly true for me. I have changed so much in my young adulthood that sometimes I cringe at the younger me. With a little distance, maturity and wisdom I can see the error of my ways. However, I'd be lying if I said those were the only three ingredients in my recipe for finding my true self. The main ingredient, the flour of the recipe, is Christ in me. My time with him has broken off so many lies of my past, regret, blame, shame and generational curses. He alone has revealed my true identity...the person he created me to be and I'm still not done chipping away the junk.

When I visualize this process I get an image of "Thing" in Fantastic Four (the r…

Gratitude Brings Joy | Finding Joy

The holiday season is always used to connect with family, have fun with friends, reflect on past times and look forward to future times. Focusing on the things we are grateful for is second nature and usually part of the THANKSgiving tradition. Maybe you posted something daily on Facebook, posted a picture a day on Instagram or went around the table during a meal and expressed the things you most enjoy in life. If you participated in something like this, did it make you realize how blessed you are? Did it lift your mood and brighten your day?

Reflecting on our daily blessings has a unique way of changing our mood and maybe even the atmosphere. Being thankful brings about a perspective that allows us to gaze in the right direction. Focusing on the good in our lives helps make us feel like the bad isn't so terrible.

I want to encourage you to continue the routine of reflecting on your blessings throughout the year. Don't stop with one week or one season; let your thankfulness c…

Waiting on God | Being Patient with His Plan

When Jarrod and I were dating for a little over a year, I was growing frustrated that he wasn't hinting at a proposal. When I confronted him on it, he acted like it might be something in the future to consider but nothing to jump into. I was furious! I was thinking that we were on the same page...that we both couldn't wait to get married and he was telling me that he might consider it. It turned out that he was fibbing because he already bought a ring and planned on proposing that weekend. I was ruining my own surprise without even knowing it because of my impatience. Luckily, I was so blinded by disappointment that I never even heard him tell me he was about to propose. 
(Watch here) or here:
I do this a lot...grow impatient and jump the gun when God already has a plan in place for me. I think a lot of us do that. We get so blinded by what we want, what we don't have and how long we've been waiting that we can't even see the clues that God lays out for us.
In the O…

The Power of Positivity | Four Steps to Being a More Positive Person

Negativity is a nasty thing. It creeps in and takes over our thought processes to a point that can be paralyzing. Being negative becomes a habit that is so hard to break that we don't even want to try. It's a comfortable rut that we sit in and complain about. We spread negativity around like a stomach bug and think it's normal. So how do we get out? How can we dig ourselves out of the rut and change our bad habit of being negative? I know one way: through Jesus. Here are four easy steps to being a more positive person:

FIRST: You have to be alerted to your negative words and thoughts. Start each day asking Jesus to alert you when these thoughts develop and especially when those thoughts become words.

SECOND: Ask Jesus to reveal the source of these thoughts and squash it like a bug! Get rid of it! You don't want a lying source sitting around in your thoughts.

THIRD: Ask Jesus to be the source of your new thoughts: the truth that covers over the place where the lie was. Ask…