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Waiting on God | Being Patient with His Plan

When Jarrod and I were dating for a little over a year, I was growing frustrated that he wasn't hinting at a proposal. When I confronted him on it, he acted like it might be something in the future to consider but nothing to jump into. I was furious! I was thinking that we were on the same page...that we both couldn't wait to get married and he was telling me that he might consider it. It turned out that he was fibbing because he already bought a ring and planned on proposing that weekend. I was ruining my own surprise without even knowing it because of my impatience. Luckily, I was so blinded by disappointment that I never even heard him tell me he was about to propose. 
(Watch here) or here:
I do this a lot...grow impatient and jump the gun when God already has a plan in place for me. I think a lot of us do that. We get so blinded by what we want, what we don't have and how long we've been waiting that we can't even see the clues that God lays out for us.
In the O…
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The Power of Positivity | Four Steps to Being a More Positive Person

Negativity is a nasty thing. It creeps in and takes over our thought processes to a point that can be paralyzing. Being negative becomes a habit that is so hard to break that we don't even want to try. It's a comfortable rut that we sit in and complain about. We spread negativity around like a stomach bug and think it's normal. So how do we get out? How can we dig ourselves out of the rut and change our bad habit of being negative? I know one way: through Jesus. Here are four easy steps to being a more positive person:

FIRST: You have to be alerted to your negative words and thoughts. Start each day asking Jesus to alert you when these thoughts develop and especially when those thoughts become words.

SECOND: Ask Jesus to reveal the source of these thoughts and squash it like a bug! Get rid of it! You don't want a lying source sitting around in your thoughts.

THIRD: Ask Jesus to be the source of your new thoughts: the truth that covers over the place where the lie was. Ask…

A "Yes, Lord!" Life | Saying "Yes" to God

Driving down I-20, I couldn't help but notice how frustrated I was as I timed how long it took me to drive to my new job. I *get the privilege* of spending two days a week in a town 45 minutes from my home and all I felt was dread on the drive over there. Why would I feel dread when God led me here, gave me this opportunity and told me to find joy in the process? Because my heart wasn't on the same page as my mouth. 
When God gave me this opportunity, it came with the stipulation that I would have to commute twice a week. He asked me if I would be willing to do that and I said with my thoughts, "yes, Lord!" while my heart was saying, "I don't like this!" **insert stomping foot and pouting lip**
God set up this perfect job  that I would thoroughly enjoy, not take up too much of my time in the ministry and allow me to reach more people. I took one small aspect that I didn't like about my new job (commuting) and let it overshadow all the good God had s…

Your Story is Unique | Be YOUnique

Have you ever felt that sting of jealousy when you look at someone else? The sting of pain that happens when they have something you don't.You wonder why your life looks different and maybe even wonder what you did wrong. I feel this way sometimes when I look at people. I think, "they have 3 kids, she drives a new car, he has a bigger house, she's getting her master's degree, she's more creative than me..." I've been noticing that these thoughts lead to a dark place of depression and inferiority. Even though I know all about perspective and that people might look at my life the same way as I look at someone else's, I still can't help but compare myself.

God has been talking to me a lot about this lately. He's been telling me that just because my story is different, that doesn't mean that my story is inferior to another person's story. Each one of us has a UNIQUE story. And guess what? God WANTS us to have a unique story; He designed i…

A Glimpse of Heaven

It was a Friday when I got the call from the vet that we needed to make a decision on not IF to put Troop down, but when. I was devastated by having to make this decision and spent all night begging God to heal my dog. When I finally fell asleep, He gave me a dream. In my dream, I brought Troop home from the hospital and everything was very similar to real life. Our house looked the same, our land was the same but I could tell it was just different (lighting, weather, atmosphere). In this dream, Troop was healed, running around and playing with his ball. My parents came over to celebrate with me and showered me with gifts. Our air conditioning guy (random...?) was at the house replacing my air conditioner for free like he did every year...??? I woke up and assumed God was telling me He would heal Troop. We woke up early, went straight to the vet and expected Troop to be healed. He wasn’t. We ended up putting him down that day. Jarrod stood beside him and prayed over him as he took hi…

An Offering of Sorts

I bought a Chronological Bible at the beginning of the year with the hopes that I would read the allotted passage every day (a New Year's resolution). I have to admit that I got quite a bit ahead at the beginning, slowed down around Leviticus and picked it back up after that. I am currently on the correct day of the year in the Bible as I am in real life and am VERY excited to be starting the New Testament.

As I wrapped up the OT, my husband asked me what I learned from it. In a short summary, it was a constant game of chase for God. The Israelites would betray Him time and again and every single time He would pour out His love on them. He provided food, water, a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to guide them. He repeatedly defeated their enemies and how did they return His affections? By creating idols and worshiping other gods. Over and over and over again. So frustrating! At the end of the OT, God points out (I'm paraphrasing) that he brought them out of slavery, …

Distractions | Pursuing God

There are plenty distractions to interrupt my day. If it’s not an actual person, it might be an email, an errant thought, a butterfly or exhaustion that distract me from what I’m supposed to be doing. When everyone is calling my name, texting me, emailing me are asking for help, it’s very hard to stay on track. 
For example, when I try to clean my house, I work with such purpose on one thing and then…SQUIRREL! I see something else that needs to be worked on. Then, when I’m doing that I see a different thing that needs to be cleaned…and suddenly, I’m working on 3 or more things with divided effort. If I could just work with purpose on one thing and then move on to the next item, I could get a lot done and do it well. 
This is a worldly representation of my relationship with God and His purpose for me. It might range from being distracted during prayer to knowing my purpose, starting well and getting distracted in the process. Just yesterday, my husband and I were praying about something …